"I love Gina's classes and look forward to them all week. She has engendered a really supportive spirit amongst the class meaning that we can all work at our pace but there is a collective motivation between us. The classes are both energising and relaxing and Gina always captures the prevailing mood of the class excellently and adapts accordingly."

Kirsty Stephenson

“I have done yoga for many years and I have been through a few instructors in my time too. Gina is probably the best one I have had. Gina has a lovely personality, her energy and positivity she shared with the group was fantastic, energising and comforting all at the same time. Gina gave clear instructions, explanations and alternatives. She was patient and calm to anyone who needed help.”

Ingrid Giovino

“Great energy and supportive atmosphere! Gina’s communication skills were very clear and concise. I always feel amazing after class and the following day! I love your yoga classes!”

Denise MacMillian

“I am enjoying Gina’s yoga classes. She is very different from any teachers I have had before. She has a lovely energy and this seems to transpose itself on the class. Gina is calm, patient and peaceful; she makes you feel very relaxed by the end of the class and all the stress feels as though it has floated away. But if you are tired – you feel energized too. Gina is very observant and aware of everyone in the class; she gives you the confidence that you can achieve anything. We all work at our own pace, but you still feel as though you have achieved something at the end. I would have no hesitation in recommending her classes.”

Margaretha MacIntosh

"I came across Gina whilst recovering from a serious illness that has left me exhausted and very weak. In the short time that I have been practicing restorative yoga with her, it has become an important part of my recovery plan and has made me feel less anxious generally. Gina is incredibly attentive and makes you feel immediately at ease. I really enjoy her one-to-one tuition and would highly recommend her."


"I felt completely safe and comfortable and had one of my best ever classes. Through her voice and calm, instructive manner Gina manages to create an atmosphere of serenity where everyone is working together...you can actually feel the energy flowing in the room. It was 'magical'!"

Verity Cornish

“I wanted to thank you so much for coming out and doing the class! It was more than I hoped for, really energizing & refreshing. Exactly what we needed. Thanks again!”

Yvette Franks

“I look forward to my yoga class every week. If I feel stressed, by the end of the session I feel calm. If I feel tired, by the end of the session I feel energised. It’s an amazing feeling. I'm addicted to Gina's yoga classes. Gina is a great coach, her voice is mesmerising and she pushes you just enough to really feel like you done something special in the class.”


“As a beginner I found Gina's yoga classes to be perfect. I was very conscious at first but Gina has a wonderful way of making people relax and enjoy the experience of yoga and not just use it simply as a form or exercise. Gina was also kind enough to arrange diagram sheets, which I found to be a major help when practising at home. My only disappointment with Gina's classes is that I haven't had the opportunity to do more. Hopefully that will change soon.”

Richard Weldon

“Gina is an excellent and very patient teacher. Being fairly new to the yoga, I was slightly concerned that I might not fit in. I thought that some of the moves would not be possible, however Gina was fab, insisting that we work within our own limits. New moves are learnt in a gentle, firm and safe environment. The individual consultation during each move was timely and reassuring. Her calming influence created the right ambiance to the session. I whole heartedly recommend Gina”

Angela Reid

"I had never done yoga before and was quite nervous about the whole thing and didn't really know what it could do for me.
Gina has an amazing energy about her which is very infectious and puts everyone in a good mood, in her classes you feel instantly relaxed and smiley."

Joel Dobson

“I felt a release when I got home after class.... I felt "lighter" and "calmer". If you are starting any new group classes I would jump at the chance to participate again as I thought it was a great experience please let me know! Once again Gina thanks for thinking of me.”

Liz M

“I had been introduced to yoga not long ago. It felt very good on the mind and body and started to reap the benefits of its practice. However it was with Gina that I really discovered the world in and beyond yoga. Not only her skills as a teacher were undoubtedly present at all times, but also she became a true companion throughout the time we worked together. Every session was different and adapted to the day’s circumstances of how I felt. My ability to practice the yoga positions was far from perfect but became possible with her help and adapting to my capabilities. I’m a very curious person and was never left with a "why" in me about what we were doing since she always made the effort to explain everything, helping me to "open up" to the sometimes hard-to-grasp (for me anyway) universal powers. I experienced new sensations, deep satisfaction and serenity. Thank you Gina for the balance I have achieved, your patience in opening a new world for me as well as for your wise companionship.”

Miguel Martins